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Posted on July 11, 2013 at 2:46pm by Administrator
thrworkI recently coached a client who was facing a challenging situation with a co-worker. Through a series of events that did not directly involve my client, the co-worker was left with a feeling that my client had betrayed her. That unspoken trust had been broken. What my client was challenged with was feeling unnerved by the injured relationship, yet equally believing there was nothing she had done wrong. While my client may have not had any direct responsibility in what happened, the fact that she felt unnerved about the situation was an indication that there was something incomplete for her.

In our exploration, she discovered that her choosing to “not get involved” with the situation wasn’t coming from a place of powerful detachment, but more so from a place of not wanting to help her co-worker. And from the co-worker’s perspective, that was the breakdown in their relationship. While authentic detachment will always serve us in living life powerfully, choosing not to show up for others when we know our doing so would be helpful is not authentic detachment. And in turn, can keep us from having the deeply connected, empowering, joyous relationships we so desire at work or elsewhere in our life.


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