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The Secret to Hiring Top Performing Sales Reps for your Organization

Posted on December 19, 2015 at 1:03am by Administrator

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A large-scale quantitative study and Dixon & Adamson’s Council’s latest findings reveal that the Challenger profile rep is the most likely to succeed in a tough economy.

Sales reps that fall in the Challenger profile share three common, but important characteristics:

Teach customers unique insights about how to compete in the marketplace.

Tailor insights to the desired outcome of each decision-maker to drive value for customers and their business.

Assert control in the sales interaction.

The competencies below allow us to test these three critical components using a combination of sample interview questions:

  • Offers Unique Perspective
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Knows Customer Value Drivers
  • Can Identify Economic Drivers
  • Is Comfortable Discussing Money
  • Can Pressure the Customer

At Talent House Recruiters, Inc. we recommend that anyone directly or indirectly in a position to hire sales reps learn more about the Challenger Sales profile and process for sourcing and recognizing the best talent. It addresses not only a better way to approach your customers and the overall sales process and cycle, but also how your whole organization can improve their coaching, sales training and over arching customer loyalty in the process.

Talent House Recruiters. Inc. can help you identify, select, and hire top sales reps for your organization.

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