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(with Head of Career & Executive Coaching, Mark Darren Gregor)


At the heart of every dream is a seed of passion; a seed of moving beyond everyday mediocrity into the purposeful life we know we were born to live. Yet far too often we block our own success by holding onto limiting beliefs about our careers, our businesses, and most importantly, ourselves.


Mark Darren Gregor, Head of Career & Executive Coaching at Talent House Recruiters, provides business professionals powerful coaching in breaking through your perceived “limitations” and stepping in to your true ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. This is about being empowered in the confidence of knowing how to BE the solution no matter what doubts, fears or challenges you may face on the road ahead.


The job search can be a daunting experience for any professional. Endless submissions of resumes, with no replies. Countless job leads that become a dead ends. Weeks, months and sometimes even years without successfully landing a job. Yes, the experience of the job search can be quite challenging. However, with Mark Darron Gregor, you now have to access to effective new distinctions and strategies in not just connecting with your dream job, but actually landing it.




Resume Assessment & Consultation  –  $100

For those looking to take their resume to the next level (or want to ensure their current resume is effective) this Assessment will give you insights and tips to make sure your resume stands out from the pack. Package includes Assessment delivered via emailand a 30-minute phone consultation to expand Assessment findings.


*Virtual Option (email only) –  $60  –  This package simply includes the Assessment delivered via email (no phone consultation)


Cover Letter Assessment & Consultation  –  $100

For those wanting to be strategic in creating powerful and engaging Cover Letters, this Assessment will deliver relevant insights and tips in creating a razor sharp Cover Letter. Package includes Assessment delivered via email and a 30-minute phone consultation to expand Assessment findings.


*Virtual Option (email only) –  $60  –  This package simply includes the Assessment delivered via email (no phone consultation)


Job Search Strategy Session  –  $125

For those exhausted by the monotony (and ineffectiveness) of traditional job search approaches, this 60-minute Strategy Session (via phone) will have you up your game in creatively (and strategically) getting your foot in the door at your target companies.



Interview Strategy Session  –  $125

For those looking to hit their next interview out of the ballpark, this 60-minute Strategy Session (via phone) will teach you how to maximize your core professional strengths, minimize your qualification gaps and implement key tips in creating a lasting impression… all designed to leave the hiring manager wanting more.



Negotiation Strategy Session  –  $125

For those who want to be sure they get the most out of the offer package, this 60-minute Strategy Session will provide you strategies and considerations for increasing your effectiveness in negotiation, in turn securing you higher salary and more extensive benefits.



*COMPLETE Talent House Development Package – $450 (over 20% savings)

You get it everything (Resume Assessment and 30-minute Consultation, Cover Letter Assessment and 30-minute Consultation, 60-minute Job Search Strategy Session, 60-minute Interview Strategy Session, and 60-minute Negotiation Strategy Session) all for one discounted package prices – saving you over 20% of regular price of individual services .



30-Minute Career Coaching Exploration Session  –  FREE

For those still trying to figure out what is is they REALLY want out of their career (or how to translate what they want into a lucrative career path), this FREE 30-minute Exploration Session will give you an opportunity to discover how you can turn any dream into reality with insightful Career Coaching.




Mark Darren Gregor

Head of Career and Executive Coaching

Office: (323) 378-6746




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