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333 Vision

At Talent House Recruiters, Inc., our vision is founded upon the acute awareness that every successful placement involves three parties: The Recruiter, The Candidate, and The Client.

The Recruiter

Our job as the recruiter is to become your partner, whether it’s helping to fill your company with candidates that are the best in their respective fields, or providing you with opportunities available nowhere else. We will always be open and honest with you, enable you to appropriately manage expectations throughout the process and work with you to ensure a successful match. Industry knowledge, passion and our relationship with you are all key components of our mutual success.

The Candidate

Our goal is to get to know each candidate: Where has your career taken you until now? What do you love about your job? Where do you find yourself less than challenged? What are your career aspirations? What companies or industries are on your wish list to work with? These are the questions that are important in helping us help you find a job that challenges you, allows for career growth and will be a job you love. The better a candidate does in presenting his or her functional skill set, career accomplishments and qualifications the more likely it is that we will find a great match quickly.

The Client

Talent House Recruiters, Inc. provides the best solution in the marketplace today to help you succeed in filling unique, tough, confidential and essential roles with the best candidates in a short amount of time. Whether you are looking to build a large team or to simply fill a specific position, Talent House will work with each client to refine the profile of the perfect candidate. Once a search is underway, we will work with you and utilize your feedback to effectively hone in and re-target until we find you the candidate that you can’t wait to hire.

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