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Talent House Recruiters, Inc., is an executive level and middle management boutique search firm specializing in securing top talent for our clients in the Consumer Products Industry: Brand, Digital, Direct and Social Media, e-Commerce, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Operations and Analytics. We fill positions from Managers and Directors to V.P and C-levels. We Full-time positions, as well as Unique, Tough, Confidential and Essential positions.

Talent House Recruiters provides comprehensive recruiting services in a diverse range of industries including:

Our highly experienced team of recruiting professionals all have proven successes and held executive positions in marketing, sales and recruiting, and utilize numerous techniques to locate, connect and introduce both working and job-seeking professionals to the right company and position. Our most important method of is that of “Direct Recruitment” by way of personal referrals from people whom we have long-term relationships. We utilize our referral network to identify outstanding talent to companies that offer future opportunities for career growth and opportunities.

We offer both our clients and our candidates conscientious, confidential, high level service and a superior ability to understand the unique needs and personalities of our client companies, the abilities and personalities of our applicants, and match them accordingly. We provide our clients with complete and objective candidate information and reference checks. Our goal is to get each of our searches done efficiently and effectively, in a timely manner.

We are not interested in encouraging anyone to choose a candidate or job situation that isn’t exactly right for them. When recruiting in the area of Creatives, we personally review the Portfolios of all potential candidates.

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