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Be Authentic and Land The Job

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 1:28pm by Administrator
Author Mark Darren Gregor, acclaimed Career & Executive Coach, Talent House Recruiters

Author Mark Darren Gregor, acclaimed Career & Executive, Coach, Talent House Recruiters

In helping clients nail interviews, I often get asked the question: “what is the most impactful thing I can do to increase my chances of a second interview?” My answer to that is simple: BE AUTHENTIC. In being “authentic,” what I mean is to be present and transparent to what is going on in the interview conversation in the moment. Many applicants make the mistake of shifting into “interview mode” the second they step into a hiring managers office, and completely disconnect from being real and genuine (and present) in the conversation. First and foremost, any conversation (even an interview) is an engagement between one human being and another. So being authentic will allow you to create a much deeper connection with your hiring manager than if you’re just in robotic interview mode.
It is important to remember that you are likely just one of dozens of applicants that hiring manager is speaking with. After a while, the repetition of formally scripted responses starts to fall on deaf ears. Being authentic (real and genuine) not only will create a distinct energy in the conversation, but also will demonstrate your trustworthiness (which is a critical factor in any hiring decision). This is not to suggest you point out all your mistakes and weaknesses. But rather, find select opportunities to share something unique and genuine about yourself that is less about you looking good or proving yourself, and more about you sharing your relate-ability and connection to the human being sitting across from you.


In addition to creating a far more powerful engagement with hiring manager, being authentic will also give you a deeper sense of power, confidence and peace of mind in the interview.  These 3 aspects will give your mind the foundation it needs to be agile and effectively responsive in the conversation, guaranteeing a far more impressive presentation. Remember that the interview is not just about you getting the job. It’s also about you interviewing them to be sure the job is really aligned for you. After all the effort you’ve gone through to get the interview, the last thing you’d want to do is to be so determined to get a job that you stop to really assess if the job is actually authentically what you want. In other words, don’t trap yourself into another inauthentic job just because you forgot to be authentic in the interview. Be real, be genuine and be powerfully engaged in the conversation.


When you begin to engage your interviews in a more transparent, authentic manner, you will not only discover that the hiring managers will be left with memorable impression from your interaction, but you too will leave the interview feeling empowered and at peace with what you brought to the conversation. And that, my friends, is the golden goal for any interview experience.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Darren Gregor is an acclaimed Career & Executive Coach and the “go-to” resource for Talent House Recruiters and its clients. For more information about Mark’s Coaching practice and services, please visit

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