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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Career

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 6:09pm by Brendon Carroll



5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Career


Do you want to take control of your career path, become a better leader, grow your confidence, become more organized and improve your life? These five simple steps can put you on the correct path if you pay careful attention and understand that all experiences are created from your own mind.


  1. Paying attention to yourself – building self-confidence and empowerment
  2. Paying attention to others – building empathy and understanding of family, friends and coworkers
  3. Taking control of your stress – building impulse control, flexibility and optimism
  4. Managing change – opening up to new opportunities and personal growth
  5. Being happy – letting go and learning to manage emotions to work through challenges


Life can be a handful, but with awareness of the five steps above, it can now be fulfilling. Paying attention, opening up and letting go will point you on a unique journey to self-discovery and self-transformation.  You will gain clarity in life and move toward your true aspirations.  All of your power is internally based.  Wisdom and common sense will guide your decisions.  Others will recognize your innate self-confidence as the purest form of power.  When practical realities demand you make difficult decisions, you will do so from integrity and conscience.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brendon Myles Carroll  is an ambitious entrepreneur and lifelong marketer and salesperson. With an innate passion for “connecting people”, consumer promotion and digital media, Brendon has been building teams for startups and well-established companies such as: News Corporation, Cox Communications and Catalina Marketing since 1995, then transitioned effortlessly as Founder & CEO of Talent House Recruiters, Inc. For more information about recruiting services, please visit


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