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3 Benefits of Hiring with a Recruiting Firm

Posted on March 26, 2014 at 9:50am by Amy Lynn Grover

3 Benefits of Hiring a Recruiting Firm

Hiring great people is vital to long-term organizational health, yet so many companies take shortcuts when it comes to recruiting. Hire an expert to get the task done right, done well and on time.



Hiring a recruiting firm means spending money, however the firm can actually boost recruiting of new talent while remaining faithful to the frugalities of your fast growth.  Use a recruiting firms’s efforts as a way to bet on your own growth; worse-case scenario is having too much talent in the building. Which is a problem all companies, large and small, would love to have.

Here are three benefits:


1. Recruiting is their Top Priority.

Recruiters are working for both sides of the coin, they have a massive access to passive candidates (some they might even be representing). These types of candidates aren’t necessarily out hunting for a new job; they are confidentially probing.

2. More Interviews are Conducted.

Professional recruiting firms interview the living heck out of potential candidates (on their time not yours). The lengthy process is the best way to screen out candidates who are engaged by the work itself, as opposed to (merely) the compensation.

3. Hire the Right Candidate

During periods of growth, the urgency to get new bodies in the building and handle unforeseen escalations in demand trumps the ability to calmly evaluate candidates for long-term fit. A recruiting firm can manage this common scenario ahead of need, or at least cultivating a talent pipeline to call on when demand suddenly escalates.

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